Grit & Grace

Grit & Grace



Inspired by Cloria Brown, former Missouri State Representative – A Woman of Grit and Grace

Have you ever met someone who was so determined to make a difference in this world? That would be Cloria Brown, whose ‘grit and grace’ impacted so many people in our community, our state and beyond. Cloria joined forces with Monarch in 2013, the year the Refuge home opened and the first in our region. Visit the “Stories” page and read the rest of the story HERE!

Grit & Grace Necklace  is made from a silver-plated flattened spoon, hand-stamped with “Grit & Grace” and embellished with either a gold or silver bling cross and wrapped pearl. It comes on a 30″ silver or gold ball chain. Funds raised from this necklace go directly to support survivors of sex trafficking in Crisis Aid International’s Refuge home.