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Getting involved with Monarch has been a blessing for me as a volunteer because it is a creative outlet where I can live out my devotion to God and serve in a way that provides resources for the fight against sex-trafficking. The community of volunteers gathers weekly to produce jewelry for this purpose, and to offer support and prayer for one another.
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I joined Monarch Jewelry back in August, 2011 after doing a service project night at Crisis Aid and making soda tab bracelets with my women’s bible study group. I made over 250 soda tab bracelets back in 2011 with over 40 hours of volunteer time in a 5 month time frame to earn a $1000 community grant from my employer, IBM for Crisis Aid.
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I enjoy making the jewelry when funds go toward the “Refuge” Safe House here in St. Louis - a local need. I have been to the house and helped decorate for a holiday. Once I had the honor of meeting a few of the girls there and sharing time making jewelry with them. I hope to do more of that.
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suffers with MS & spends her day making the most beautiful & unique pieces, like the one pictured. If you look closely, she cut a section of scripture out & rolled it into a scroll! She is also amazing at wired jewelry. So everybody can do something as we work together to chip away at ending the insanity of selling people for sex.
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