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Recycled Soda Tabs Are Saving Lives

Several years ago an eleven-year-old girl learned at a church meeting about girls her own age being trafficked. She was disturbed. The idea that anyone could be bought and sold against her will was unthinkable to this young mind. As she talked to her mother about what they had heard, she boldly said that she had to do something. “I know how to make soda tab bracelets,” she said. “I can sell them to my friends.” And so it began.

A few weeks later, she brought the money she had collected to Crisis Aid in a small baggie. She was so proud of her accomplishment. She felt she had truly done something. Little did she know that she started something bigger than any of us could have imagined.

Reclaimed Pink

Since that time, this simple tab bracelet has become the SYMBOL of the hopes and dreams of these precious girls who are suffering so greatly. Countless bracelets have been sold to earn money for the Refuge home that Crisis Aid provides. They are also a reminder of who these girls are. That they are not alone. And these simple tab bracelets are telling their story across the country.


Would you refuse to do nothing today?


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