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Emergency Assistance

Your donation will be used to cover emergency expenses that come up in the first days, weeks that a child or young adult has been rescued. Often they need help with basics like toiletries and a clean set of comfortable clothes and a warm meal. Your partnership in this act of love and kindness is greatly appreciated!

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Emergency Assistance 

As you can imagine, the work of law enforcement and our Crisis Aid advocates is at times unpredictable.   It is 2am and they have just rescued someone from the hands of their trafficker, the last thing they need to worry about is money.  Often emergency situations arise and funds are needed for things such as shelter (if the Refuge home is full), prescriptions, a warm meal, clothing etc.  Crisis Aid’s advocates will use the funds to assist with emergencies as they arise.

Your donation of any dollar amount will be used to cover emergency expenses for girls rescued as well as those that are currently staying at the Refuge home for sex-trafficked girls.  It will also provide emergency assistance to the children (boy and girls) in Crisis Aid’s CAPP program.  CAPP stands for the Children’s Anti-Exploitation Partnership Program .  Kids in the CAPP program have either experienced abuse, been trafficked or identified as at risk to be trafficked.

Together we can make a difference!   Just rounding up your purchase a few dollars will help provide additional funds.

Looking for other ways you can help?  Check out our get involved page! or consider becoming a monthly donor through the 5 for freedom campaign.  

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