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Be fearless Coffee Mug


Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on Fire coffee mug

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Monarch Jewelry is a Christian ministry in connection with Crisis Aid International.  We create artistic jewelry and gifts as a unique way to engage in the fight against modern-day sex slavery.  Our mission is to increase awareness, raise funds, and encourage others to fight against sex trafficking.  We started when we heard that sexual slavery is a reality.  That was shocking enough, but when we learned there are sex slaves in our own city we thought, “WOW – somebody needs to do something!”

We were excited to learn that Crisis Aid was battling sex trafficking in St. Louis as well as around the world.  The more we learned about the difference they are making in the lives of trafficking victims, the more we knew that they were the organization we wanted to support.  All proceeds from the sale of Monarch products help survivors of sex trafficking and support programs aimed at intervening before the most at-risk youth fall victim to traffickers.  Together we ARE making a difference!  Saving Lives, Saving Souls, and Changing Futures.

Will you join us in this journey to help victims of sex trafficking find freedom and hope?

For information on how you can donate your unworn, unwanted, and even broken jewelry to Monarch to repurpose click HERE



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  • OH! Coffee The Perfect Gift! – The Taste You Won’t Forget And The Gift That Keeps On Giving!  100% Of Profits Donated

    OH! Coffee the perfect gift! – The taste you won’t forget and the gift that keeps on giving! 100% of profits donated


    Everyone loves a good cup of coffee!!  Combine that with our give back story and you have the perfect holiday gift!!  Your purchase of OH! Coffee will show appreciation and give joy while providing hope to those in need.  Included with each bag is the story of how Oh! Coffee began and info on the impact it has.  100% of profits are donated to programs that save lives, save souls and change futures!  Together we are making a difference and breaking cycles and replacing despair with HOPE!

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