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I got involved in 2011 because I enjoy making the jewelry when funds go toward the “Refuge” Safe House here in St. Louis – a local need. I have been to the house and helped decorate for a holiday. Once I had the honor of meeting a few of the girls there and sharing time making jewelry with them. I hope to do more of that. This St. Louis home is supported by Crisis Aid International. It is hard for me to understand that Human Trafficking is right here in our city and how we are allowing people to be treated as slaves without doing everything we can to stop the cycle of manipulation of young girls in desperate situations. We pray for both the victims and those addicted to this behavior. We also support and encourage each other to realize our small trials or nothing compared to the life these victims live every day they are captive. I am currently looking for a new job, however I have the freedom to choose where and when I work and I get to decide how I spend my money. My health is not at risk and I am not treated like a slave to do whatever is asked of me.

My ultimate hope for the work with Monarch is to continue to support the one of 22 rooms in the Refuge Home month to month. This includes room & board, counseling, medical needs, school & supplies, and more and to also help the girls in Phase II to become self-sufficient. It is an ongoing need but we can do this one person, one room at a time. Crisis Aid works closely with the police and FBI to find and bring those willing to try another way of life.

Favorite piece:

“Can’t Buy Love” Set … I love the rings, the hammered metal and coin that is part of the jewelry

KM_Can't Buy Love set




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