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A Young Lady Named Megan

A Young Lady Named Megan:

MeganWe are always thrilled when someone wants to walk alongside Monarch to share their gifts and talents! Well, we sure received one talented young lady named, “Megan,” who provided amazing skills in two specific ways. She visited Monarch a couple of times to observe what we do and determine what would be the best way to serve.

Project #1: Megan concluded that having some Donation Boxes at area retailers would increase our message and provide free donated jewelry! She researched several options and provided us with clear acrylic donation boxes with a message about donations to Monarch. She was so very thoughtful and practical in her approach. She did not want to take up too much counter space at the stores who were targeted to receive the boxes and she ended up with just the right-sized boxes.These boxes are getting noticed and bringing awareness of the problem of sex trafficking in our area.

Project #2:  Megan also observed that people have a hard time envisioning how our donated jewelry gets transformed into a beautiful piece. With her methodical strategy thinking, Megan produced a You-Tube Video to show how donated jewelry can be transformed into a beautiful, sell-able piece of jewelry. It definitely provided a tool which will increase our donated jewelry capacity, and therefore, lower our costs so we are able to give more to the Refuge home.

Megan … we are so grateful for your entrepreneurial spirit, your gifts, talents and time. You are one amazing young lady!

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