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5 For Freedom

SEX TRAFFICKING: It’s not just a Third World problem.

Did you know there is a sex trafficking problem right here in the United States? I always thought this was happening “over there”. Through Monarch Jewelry & Crisis Aid, I have learned that’s not the case. “Over there” no longer applies. It’s here and together we can do something about it. With your help we can do the following:

Just like we have for St. Louis County, Jefferson County and St. Charles County. Why do we need additional advocates? Since opening the first criminal justice advocacy in November 2018, Crisis Aid has responded to over 900 Human trafficking and internet crimes against children and their families throughout the CAP initiative. By adding additional advocates, we can help more victims. Based on the intense level of need we know we need to act decisively. Please help us protect these vulnerable children and families.

Yes, there is a refuge safe home in St. Louis that supports women and children. Since it opened in 2013 the refuge home has provided shelter to over 200 trafficked women and children. Yet, others had to be turned away because there was not enough funding to support the additional beds available in the home. This is still the case, however, we can help.

"Five bucks a month will save lives."